Best Satellite Internet Providers in 2014

1. HughesNet Satellite Internet

2014 Satellite Internet Provider Winner

HughesNet offers better satellite Internet speed than any other provider in the industry. With more than 30 years in the business of satellite communication, HughesNet has long been the forerunner in the industry and continues to be it. They have more than 2.5 million customers in over 100 countries. HughesNet brings experience to the table.

Free standard installation from a professional authorized technician is the norm with HughesNet, as is their 24/7 technical support. Service speeds are up to 15 Mbps and data limits are up to 20 GB monthly, with an additional 20 GB available from 2am to 8am daily.

We have ranked HughesNet #1 because it surpasses the competition in speed, data and price, as well as in providing a reliable high speed Internet service everywhere in the nation.


  • Speeds of up to 15 Mbps
  • Data limits up to 40 GB monthly (20 GB anytime and 20 GB bonus data from  2am to 8am)
  • Packages start at $39.99 per month

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2. Exede Satellite Internet

Exede is the high speed satellite Internet service from ViaSat. In 2013, the FCC named Exede the most reliable provider, of those studied, in delivering at or above advertised speed. In fact, it was typically delivering 140% of its advertised speed.

When it comes to service, there are some outstanding features of Exede including the fact that it delivers 12 Mbps download speed with every plan, and it has unlimited downloads from 12am to 5am daily. This free nighttime zone makes it a favorite for heavy users. With often free installation, you can save even more on plans that start at $49.99 monthly.

We’ve chosen Exede as our #2 satellite Internet provider because it delivers on what it promises.


  • Speeds of up to 12 Mbps
  • Data limits as high as 25 GB per month
  • Nighttime free downloads from midnight to 5am

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Wildblue Satellite Internet

WildBlue was one of the older technologies available. Its satellites could only offer speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps, with a 17 GB monthly data limit. For this reason, WildBlue now instead only offers Exede Internet service. That means that the same perks that you can expect from Exede are yours also from WildBlue. Starting at $49.99 per month, WildBlue customers can now enjoy reliable, high speed Exede service.


  • Speeds of up to 12 Mbps
  • Data limits as high as 25 GB per month
  • Nighttime free downloads from midnight to 5am
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How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Satellite Internet works via signals that travel from your computer to a satellite orbiting the earth about 23,000 miles away. Essentially, the satellite orbits the earth in time with the earth’s rotation. The satellite dish that professional installers affix to your home is constantly in line with the satellite. It is this alignment that requires you to have an unobstructed view of the southern sky from your home for satellite dish installation.

When you order satellite Internet service, professional installers will come to your home to install a satellite dish and align it with the satellite. They will connect the satellite dish to a modem in your home with cable. The modem is then connected to your home computer.

Start your search and the information is transmitted via the modem to the satellite dish and then to the satellite. It then sends the information back via the dish and modem to your computer. This takes a fraction of a second and for typical web use, like surfing the Internet, using social media, sending email and more, you don’t even notice the tiny delay. However, for fast twitch, the delay or latency can be more noticeable. Because of the speed, satellite Internet provides an always-on connection to the Internet, so when you want to access something online you don’t have to wait for a connection.

How Fast is Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet from our #1 choice HughesNet is superfast, with download speeds of up to 15Mbps and upload speeds of 2 Mbps. These speeds are dramatically higher than they were in the past. In the mid 1990s, satellite Internet speeds were only 500 Kbps for downloads and 250 Kbps for uploads. Today’s satellite Internet speeds let you do what you want to do online in real time.

HughesNet’s 15 Mbps is more than 250 times faster than dial-up Internet. Exede’s 12 Mbps is more than 200 times faster than dial-up. That means you get the responsiveness you want from the Internet for an uninterrupted online experience.

As the fastest Internet provider in our reviews, HughesNet delivers speed that rival cable and outpace DSL. What’s more, it is available everywhere!

Satellite vs Cable Internet

So, there is no doubt that there are differences when it comes to satellite vs cable Internet. While cable offers slightly faster service in many markets, there are a multitude of markets that cable simply ignores. What’s more, if you do opt for cable service, you can expect to pay heavily for it.

Probably the biggest difference between satellite and cable Internet is the fact that with cable Internet, there is no data cap on downloading of information. While some see this as a big advantage, in realty for the average user, it makes no difference. Typical Internet use such as emailing, social media and web browsing does not eat up much of your data.

Data limits for satellite Internet are imposed by the federal government through the Fair Access Policy. This ensures that bandwidth is not consumed by a few heavy users. When you are choosing your plan, it is important to select a package that provides adequate data for your needs. Remember that both HughesNet and Exede offer extra access to the Internet overnight during non-peak hours.  If you find that your limit is still insufficient, providers will happily change you to a plan with more access.

Satellite Internet is the very best choice in high speed Internet service for vast numbers of users throughout the nation. Reviews from The Satellite Providers give them the very best details on the options available to them.